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Brunello Cucinelli, a tailored (digital) experience

Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian luxury fashion company with activities in more than 30 countries. BC has a specific economic and ethical model based on dignity of profit and a special relationship with the territory, in a project of “gentle and constant growth”. Brunello Cucinelli needed to have two distinct digital environments, one for the commercial part and the other for its philosophy, which are both fundamental characteristics of the brand. Brunello Cucinelli asked Digital Entity to rethink the design and usability of its e-commerce website.

Digital Entity designed a homepage with two separate, yet consistent parts: one dedicated to the philosophy of the company and the other to the e-commerce website. The final aim was to highlight that both components are complementary to one another: Brunello Cucinelli’s brand joins together these two features. Digital Entity also designed a user-centric e-commerce website in which the customer can choose and create a personal outfit and purchase it online using an intuitive, clear, and easy-to-use interface. Digital Entity delivered an optimal result, using its design driven approach, considering that it led to an increase in e-commerce sales of over 100 percent.

Brunello Cucinelli Lady
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