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Coop, the evolution of e-commerce

Coop is a system of Italian consumer cooperatives and is the largest supermarket chain in Italy. It operates with 115 consumer cooperatives of various sizes with 1,444 supermarkets, more than 7 million members, and an annual revenue of €12.9 billion. Coop asked Digital Entity to overhaul its e-commerce platform considering both customer experience and design in order to best address the needs of the customer.

coop coop coop
coop coop

Digital Entity, in a first phase, explored the emerging necessities of customers through collaborative sessions with the client. After collecting feedback, in the second phase Digital Entity designed the entire e-commerce concept starting from the landing page, going from products to category pages to lists and menus. Digital Entity worked side by side with Coop to create a crystal-clear navigation platform that was able to drive customers across the e-commerce site to check out with a neat, intuitive, and user centered interface.

coop coop