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Enel X Power to the user

Enel X, a global reality found in 11 countries and a leader in transforming the energy sector, offers a service platform with new products and digital solutions for both individuals and companies. The customer needs a simple way to allow people to find a charging point for their own electric car and one that shows them all the energy refuelling details as it happens.

After 3 months of planning, 5 months of development and user testing, Digital Entity – together with Enel X – has designed and created the Enel X Recharge app. A constantly updated map shows the charging points, their status in real time and the details of every charge, including times. The app also allows you to register several user profiles. A multi-disciplinary team from Digital Entity worked on the app, using an agile method and a design-driven approach. With the aim of creating a tool that can make life simpler for those people who drive an electric car.

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