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ho. Mobile operator with the easiest experience for everyone

The Italian mobile phone market is a complex one: there are several operators, too many offers that are complicated to read, with too many asterisks. People need a new operator, with a smart brand, that answers all questions simply and clearly. The answer to all this is ho. This word, the first person of the verb “to have” in Italian, means “I have”, as in “I have it all in my head and “I have everything I need”. ho.’s offers are simple, free of surprises, asterisks or hidden costs. The challenge for Digital Entity was to transfer all these values into a fully digital user experience that is vital and excellent in all channels, both app- and web-based. And that includes the ones for customers and the ones for customer service operators.

Thanks to NTT DATA’s capacity, and together with Vodafone, Digital Entity has designed and created the entire service infrastructure, placing people at the centre of every stage of the process. Design thinking, together with a lean startup and agile development approach were right at the centre of all the activity, thus rapidly producing a prototype and being able to carry out tests with users who were very close to reality. 8 months of work for the new mobile operator that has improved customers’ and operators’ lives thanks to the high-quality digital experience. And the results? A success that is 10 times better than expectations, SIM cards that sell out every day in 30 minutes, using newspaper kiosks as a new distribution channel.

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