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Leonardo, a new paradigm for end users

Leonardo is a global high-tech company, based in Italy, and a leader in the aerospace, defense, and security sectors. It has a presence in 180 sites worldwide with over 45,000 employees and a significant industrial footprint in the most important international markets.

Leonardo was looking for a new paradigm to approach the design and interactions of their sophisticated control system with the overall aim of shortening the time frame of the decision-making process. After 2 years of work, 5 coordinated prototypes, and about 100 people working together among designers and experts in technology and domains, Digital Entity, together with professionals from the Italian Navy and Leonardo, provided SADOC 4, a new multitouch-based control system.

SADOC 4 is characterized by an open, modular, and reconfigurable architecture: it redefines the logic of access to commands and information, applies modern ergonomic principles, and, at the same time, maintains the highest standards of performance and security. While the user is always a fundamental element in good design, for SADOC 4 it was even more relevant. Digital Entity intensively involved end users during co-design and testing right from the start of the project to ensure delivery of a high-quality and user-centric product.

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